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Hi! My name is Jen, and I'm a CanFitPro certified Fitness Instructor Specialist, mother of two, marketer / content creator, and every now and then I do stand-up comedy, just for fun. I decided to combine my favourite things in life (laughing and lunging) and make a business out of it! 

I'm passionate about connecting with people in authentic and meaningful ways, and my fitness classes are designed to help you fall in love with fitness, while having... F U N. Yes, it's possible. 

We will lunge, we will laugh, and we might pee our pants (maybe because we've had babies and need to do a bit of pelvic floor work?)

But either way, memories (and abs) will be made! 


Are you a business who wants to offer something tangible (other than a branded pen) to their employees? Laughing Fit with Jen is is a great way to get your employees moving, while improving their health (and let's be honest - their productivity too!)  

home workouts on zoom

I offer live workouts 3-4 times per week, and every video is recorded and sent to you if you are unable to attend the live class. All workouts are full-body and include cardio and weight training.


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  • Laughing Fit with Jen
  • Laughing Fit with Jen

Whitby, Ontario

PHONE: 416-453-8537



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